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  • Swedish Mazen Pythagoras series includes wall shelves, mounts and much more. Assemble a complete shelving system or put one shelf on the wall to display your favorite memories. You can choose from different colors, quantities and angles - Pythagoras series includes an endless number of options.

    Don't forget to buy also wall shelves to the mounts to get a beautiful shelf assembly for your wall.

    Made in Sweden, designed by Gustav Rosén. Material is is recycled, powder coated metal. Width of shelf mount is 100 mm, depth 105 mm and height 200 mm. Recommended maximum weight is 15 kg.

    Founded in 2003, Swedish Maze is guided by Slow Production thinking, which aims to produce durable, minimalist and functional interior design products. Products are characterized by a playful and inventive design. Products are manufactured in Sweden in cooperation with local operators, which enables quality control of the process and working conditions, as well as minimizing the environmental impact. Recycled metal has been used as a raw material for products containing metal parts. Wood materials used in products have been grown under ecologically sustainable conditions.

    Lasīt vairāk RĀDĪT MAZĀK
    Produkta numurs
    Powder coated metal
    100 mm
    200 mm
    105 mm
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