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  • The soft and shallow Joutsen Syli down pillow is an excellent choice for a sleeping person who does not need the pillow to have height or special support, but wants a soft pillow that can be adjusted under his head in a way that he likes. The soft and low pillow does not press the neck and is especially recommended for people who sleep on their stomach, but it is also well suited for children.

    Joutsen's pillows are made by experienced pillow professionals at the company's own bed linen factory in Riihimäki. The high quality down used in the pillows is acquired from selected European farms where the well-being of waterbirds is an honor. Down are a by-product of food production. The origin of the purchased feathers can be traced by lot number. Manufactured in cooperation with the Allergy and Asthma Federation.

    Lasīt vairāk RĀDĪT MAZĀK
    Ražotāja daļas numurs
    Produkta numurs
    Filling: 90% down and 10% small feather, cover of cotton
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