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  • Mannankylässä bunny slippers are a delightful choice for a fun day of care or a fun club time. In addition, they are a beautiful accessory for children's photography or the first baby festive.

    The bunny slippers charm the Scandinavian minimalist look and make the user happy. The genuine leather slippers are made of unworn and fit pieces of recycled leather clothing. The sole of the leather bunny pantyhose is suede, which minimizes slip. The products are hand made in South-East Finland.

    Lasīt vairāk RĀDĪT MAZĀK
    Ražotāja daļas numurs
    Leather, ear interior imitation leather
    Kopšanas instrukcijas
    Water wash is not suitable for leather. Recycled leather bunny slippers can be wiped with a lightly moistened cloth.
    Mazgāšanas instrukcijas
    Do not wash
    ilgtspējīgs materiāls
    Other sustainable material
    recycled leather, slippers, bunny slippers, club slippers, day-care slippers, recycled material, leather slippers
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